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What’s the attitude of a woman towards man’s nude photos?

Many men like to send nude photos to women whether if it’s their own or of others. Perhaps they want to show their charm in front of women to some extent. But most women don’t like this approach.

According to a study by the University of Rhode Island, nearly 10% of people who use mobile phones have sent nude images to women without consent. However, experts pointed out that if a male sends nude photos to a woman, it may only have counter-reactions. Probably she will never tolerate such acts. “Elizabeth Morgan, Ph.D., a psychology researcher at Boise State University in the United States, said.

Boise State University research pointed out that if a man sends his nude photos to a woman, he will request to send naked images of a woman.

If a man sees nude pictures of opposite sex, it is likely to have a sexual desire. However, if a woman sees nude pictures, she will feel creepy. Which means if a man sends photos of his sexual organs, the other person may feel ridiculous or feel terrible.

However, men like to send nude photos because many men think that they can receive each other’s nude photos. Dr Mogan explained that men are usually keen to show off their “big” and “hard” but overall, women don’t care.

Experts suggest that one should grab the impression by sending text messages instead of nude photos. In fact, for women, they do not care too much about the size or hardness of the male genitals.

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