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What bad habits of men will slowly destroy the sexual arousal

Factors such as health and poor living habits affect men’s sexual arousal. Let’s take a look at the five factors that affect the love function of boys!


Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol is harmful. Alcohol and sex are not compatible. According to “,” alcohol is a sedative that reduces your excitement. It reduces sexual desire and makes it harder for boys to get up. According to the University of Washington 2007 study, conscious men stand faster than drunken men. Even some men who drink alcohol can’t get up.


Nicotine is a stimulant that can addict you to a cigarette. If you’re a regular smoker, don’t expect nicotine to stimulate your sexual desire.

In 2011, researchers in the UK conducted a study on men who were sexually active and wanted to quit smoking. They were first tested in the laboratory, followed by an 8-week smoking cessation treatment.

It found that 31% of men who successfully quit smoking had a better sexual experience and had maximum performance than those who failed to quit smoking. A follow-up study found that those who didn’t stop smoking had erectile dysfunction.

As a matter of fact, smoking is harmful to your sexual health it creates sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction. Quit smoking and increase your stamina on the bed.


According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, stimulant drugs especially amphetamines affect the sex life of men. Amphetamine is a drug used for the treatment of psychological disorders.

However, excessive use or even abuse of this stimulant will bring physical and psychological changes in you.
Consuming it for a short period increases heart rate, suppresses appetite, and brings pleasure, making people more alert and more social. Long-term use can make people feel uneasy, insomnia, hallucinations, and aggressive behaviour.

The researchers tested 1,159 men who took excessive amounts of amphetamines. Half of these participants believe that amphetamines didn’t affect their sexual function. But those who consumed it excessively had side effects such as erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation.

In addition to this, certain drugs are also a common cause of sexual problems. 

For example, drugs (such as statins) used for the treatment of high cholesterol can affect the secretion of testosterone; while medication for blood pressure slows blood flow, leading to loss of libido, affecting sexual arousal, erection and ejaculation.

Stress and anxiety

Hypertension and high cholesterol increase the risk of male sexual dysfunction. When a man is under high stress and high anxiety, his blood pressure will increase and will reduce his sexual ability. If a man suffers from a stress disorder, it will lead to sexual problems.

Insufficient quality sleep

According to Daily Health, more than 60% of men with severe sleep apnea have erectile dysfunction.
Sleep apnea reduces the secretion of testosterone. Under appropriate treatment, when men gain enough quality sleep, these sexual problems will gradually disappear.


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