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Top three unique techniques for men to improve their sex drive

Low sex drive in men is a common cause, but sometimes the situation can be risky. So how men can boost their sex drive in the sequence of a day?

Yawning after getting-up

Sex experts believe that when yawning, a substance called nitric oxide enters into the brain to control the breath and delivers the necessary energy to the penis. 

Yawning is accompanied by a deep breath, which activates the blood circulatory system early morning and produces a large number of nitrogen oxides, which delivered to the penis. This process increases sex drive in the early morning.

When you wake up in the morning, the body is still in a semi-sleep state. At this time, yawning add physical movements and the nitrogen oxide can smoothly reach to the penis, and the sexual ability can be improved. In some cases, you can get an instant erection.

Exposure to sunlight

Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D. Vitamin D contributes to the men’s quality of sex. Testosterone level increase with the increase in vitamin D in the body. If man’s exposure to the sunlight is limited than sperm motility will be reduced and libido will decrease. Ultraviolet radiation produces almost 90% of vitamin D in the body. Therefore, it is a good practice to make yourself expose to sunlight for 30 minutes in the open air.

Tiptoes exercise

Doing tiptoes workout, the muscles behind the calves get intensive tension and promote blood circulation. This process makes blood flow of the lower limbs smoother, and let the penis get blood, thus prolonging the erection time. 

There are various types of food to improve sex drive. Also, Exercise plays a significant role in enhancing sexual desire.


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