Men do not want to admit that they are bisexual. American studies show that no one in the world is 100% straight

There have been many studies in the past which showed that people’s sexual orientation is not absolute homosexuality or heterosexuality. Now, the research published by psychologists at Cornell University shows that no one is 100% heterosexual, most of them are bisexual. Most of the men do not express themselves because of the social atmosphere.

Ritch C Savin-Williams, a psychology professor at Cornell University, said in a paper published in the academic Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that no one is 100% heterosexual. Although the person is heterosexual, there is a bisexual behaviour in him.

The study interviewed 40 men who said that they were straight men and played a variety of videos containing male and female masturbation. All ‘straight men’ were closely observed by the psychologist when they looked at the images of men and women.

Li Qi believes that only the young generation accept the concept of sexual orientation as compared to older people. The psychologist also believes that heterosexual women can also be attracted to a girl who is good looking and attractive. Due to many cultural barriers, men don’t speak regarding his sexual orientation openly.

To conclude, the psychologist believes that both men and women have bisexual traits and it is normal human behaviour.

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