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Top six foods to enhance sexual stamina

The sexual stamina in men is of utmost importance. Men need to increase their strength with the help of a healthy diet to make the sex last longer, improve ejaculation and to enhance the sexual performance with more attention and sensitivity.

Sexual stamina foods


Avocados are luscious, juicy and rich in nutrients. High levels of potassium in avocados help lower high blood pressure and strengthen cardiovascular function. Avocado also contains folic acid, which can make men more energetic by improving sexual stamina. Avocado gives a boost to your sexual life by improving your overall health.

Dark chocolate

Experts ascribe the aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate that increases libido when consumed. Is there anything better than letting a piece of chocolate melt on your tongue? Eating more dark chocolate gives your better sexual climax. Dark chocolate increases blood flow and strengthens the brain and heart functioning.


These red fruits are full of zinc, which is indispensable for a healthy sex life. Strawberries can increase men’s testosterone level and can help to produce more sperms.


Watermelon has only 8% nutrients and 92% water, but watermelon also contains a non-essential amino acid called citrulline which is very helpful for sex. Amino acids can help relax blood vessels and increase libido.


Almond contains rich protein and, that’s why hailed as great food that increases sexual stamina. Almonds are nutritious and rich in a variety of trace elements that are important for both sexual health and fertility.


Oysters are delicious and rich in zinc and iron, phosphorus, calcium, high-quality protein, sugar and other nutrients. Also, men often eat oyster to improve sperm quality.

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