Sex toys benefits

Six reasons why we all should use sex toys

It’s time to put aside the shame and experience new pleasures on a bed. Sex toys can bring us different benefits that you should know.

“If I already have a partner, why should I use sex toys?”- The question that many pose when they think about including sex toys in their relationships.
Although sex toys exist for centuries, there are still some people who feel uneasy talking about it.

The purpose of sex toys not only lies in sexual pleasure, but they can also help us improve our relationships. Also, solve certain medical conditions.

Sex toys benefits 

They help you to know yourself better: the only way to find out what we like and what we do not do in sex is by practising it. Sex toys help us to discover our most sensitive areas, to stimulate them, to know the reactions of our body and to give free rein to our fantasies.

They can help treat anorgasmia: i.e. reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. Many women find it difficult to reach orgasm (orgasmic dysfunction), both through penetration and with masturbation.  Erotic toys can be an instrument to end this dysfunction.

Enhance sexual pleasure in relationships. Some of them can act as complements to penetration, such as vibrators for example, which can both stimulate the clitoris and lead to a more intense orgasm.

Avoid painful sexual intercourse: although lubricants are also considered sex toys, the truth is that their function goes far beyond the pleasure or fun. When we talk about vaginal dryness, they facilitate penetration, and also help in anal sex.

Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles: like lubricants, Kegel balls are also a kind of sex toys that strengthen our pelvic floor muscles, particularly when we practice Kegel exercises with them. A strong pelvic floor muscle is synonymous with better orgasms.

Break the monotony in bed: they are medium to break our sexual routine and experience new pleasures on a bed as a couple.

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