Reasons for homosexuality

Reasons for homosexuality

Although some people don’t support homosexuality, a few still try to find good reasons for homosexuality.

So, what are the reasons for homosexuality? Many people don’t understand why men and women fall in love with a person of the same sex?

The development of homosexual behaviour is not sudden. Its development is steady. Generally speaking, the beginning of homosexuality is the same as ordinary love, which comes from the initial good feelings. Two people of the same sex are more convenient to get close to each other at first and are more likely to have sex with each other.

The reasons for homosexuality is nothing more than the following two:-

First, long-term companionship

Unlike women, men pay more attention to the friendship and loyalty between friends. Some men hold healthy, secure bonds with a high level of emotional a high level of emotional intimacy.
Sometimes the men enjoy spending time together so much that they prefer to hang out and form the platonic love for each other. According to the survey, the friendship between men is more reliable and stronger than between women.

If men hold homosexual traits, he can also be intimate. If the friendship between the two people develops to a certain extent and are so close to each other, he will always accompany you. You will have a feeling of falling in love with him.

Second, the same interest
That means that you have the potential to grow together. If you have homosexual traits in you and shares a good bond with someone of common interest, there is a probability that you may be physically and emotionally attracted to that person. When you share a common interest with someone, you spend more time to learn and explore those interests making your bond memorable for a lifetime.

Is homosexuality true love? Will homosexuality last for a long time? Some of these homosexual couples are attracted by the moment, and there is no beginning or end; some are truly in love, and they are always flowing. 

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