Sex Quiz (Female) Part-1

What's the average length of the vagina?

Which two prominences located at the chest level that produces milk to feed young offspring?

Which of the following is NOT a part of the female reproductive system?

When does puberty take place in females?

Which female sex organ is also known as a small penis that plays a vital role in women’s sexual arousal and desire for sex?

Hint: It is position in the area of the vagina that becomes erect like a penis when excited.

Which female sex hormone produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands are responsible for sexual and reproductive development?

What is the opening of the uterus called?

Which female sex organ consist lubricated substance that stretches during sex and childbirth?

Which is the fleshy external part of the female reproductive system where the the opening of the vagina located?

Which of the following are the functions of the female reproductive system?

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