Pregnancy pillows

Pregnancy pillows

The pregnancy pillows are pillows specifically designed for pregnant women. The purpose is to help a pregnant lady to protect the waist, abdomen and legs during all trimesters.

Pregnancy Pillows helps to reduce the pressure on the abdomen, relieve back pain and helps pregnant ladies to keep control over their body. It is generally used 24 weeks after pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pillows classification:

Waist pillows: simple shape, mainly to protect the waist of pregnant women.

Multi-functional Pregnancy Pillows: complex shape, usually contains abdominal pillows, lumbar pillows, leg pillows, and other pillows, you can mix and match. It meets the various needs of pregnant women, reduces back pain, relieves leg oedema(swelling) during pregnancy, and even adjust the sleeping posture. The most useful is the multi-functional “E-shape” pregnancy pillows. (Pic)

Side pillow: The side pillow has a shape like an ingot by two sides protruding in the middle. It can fix the abdomen pain of the pregnant woman.


Sleeping position: The pregnant woman should use the left sleeping position when sleeping and use the pregnancy pillows to keep the sleeping posture on the left side. It is beneficial in relieving the discomfort caused while sleeping and improve the quality of sleep.

Free adjustment: For example, you can adjust lumbar pillow according to your preferences to support your waist. According to your comfort, you can even adjust it several times and different waist circumferences.

Fetus health: Sleeping on the left side during pregnancy is conducive to the growth of the fetus.
Pregnant women lying on the right side will lead to fetal or Intrauterine growth restriction, stillbirth, high blood pressure and other symptoms.
Sleeping on the left side is good for mother and child health. It is the safest sleeping posture during pregnancy. Pregnancy pillows help to maintain this posture.

Protect the baby: It maintains the baby sleeping position and prevents him from rolling, and the risk of falling out of bed.

The pregnant woman should be in the left lateral position while sleeping, because the liver is on the right side of the abdomen, and the left lateral position keeps the uterus away from the liver.

In the 7-9 months of pregnancy, it is difficult for pregnant women to sleep on their backs. Your doctor will advise you to sleep on the left side with the aid of a pillow.

Expert recommends pregnancy pillows to:

  • The Woman with a bigger pregnant belly
  • The Pregnant woman with a backache
  • Oedema during pregnancy
  • The Pregnant woman with a wrong sleeping posture
  • The Pregnant woman with an incorrect fetal position
  • ThePregnant women with poor sleep


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