Missionary Sex Position

Missionary Sex Position

Missionary Sex Position
Considered by many to be a gateway position, the Missionary family of positions is how most sex lives are launched and probably ended… The name apparently stems from a misunderstanding of older documents that called it the “angelic” position… however you may want to take that with a grain of salt as we just read that off of Wikipedia. We recommend experimenting with pillows under the woman’s back and/or pelvis to find the perfect angle while exploring the Missionary Family’s full range of variations.

Missionary Sex Position Variations

1. Missionary Sex Position Variations
aka Man on Top

Missionary Sex Position

The Missionary position is probably the most common first position people try, which is probably related to its simplicity, comfort, and the high level of intimacy experienced. To get into the position, the woman simply lies down on her back while the man lies face-down on top of her. Although initial aiming can be a little difficult at first for the man, getting a helping hand from her can resolve that quite easily. We recommend for both partners to experiment with some hip movement to help keep things from getting stale too quickly.

2. Closed Missionary Sex Position

In the Closed variation of the Missionary Position, the woman closes her legs, while the man’s legs go on the outside. Although this variation doesn’t score high for penetration depth, the angle does provide a lot of clitoral stimulation, which some women may find more pleasurable than depth. Not the most intuitive position, but for some couples it may be the missing key to pleasure.

3. Folded Missionary Sex Position
aka Anvil

To get into the Folded Missionary Position, the woman lies on her back and pivots her hips so that her legs are folded towards her chest. The man lies on top while supporting some of his weight on her legs. A favourite of many men because of the sense of power that comes from folding their partner, and vice versa for any women from being fold, it also offers great freedom of movement and penetration depth. Most women won’t find taking a man’s full weight to be very comfortable, so men should reduce the strain by supporting some of their weight with their arms.

4. Kneeling Missionary Sex Position

A close cousin to Closed Missionary, the Kneeling missionary also features the man’s legs on the outside of the woman’s. Consequently, it also suffers from a difficult penetration angle and non-efficient use of a man’s length. On the bright side, this angle can provide a lot of clitoral stimulation, especially if you are willing to forgo penetration all together, or just haven’t gotten that far yet.

5. Mixed Missionary Sex Position

Representing a mix of any two forms of Missionary, the Mixed variation is here as a reminder that there is no need to keep things symmetric! Not only is there no need, but both women and men may also find significant benefit from having the vagina stretched in a different way. We recommend mixing and matching the leg woman’s leg positions from all of the variations, to find the custom fit that feels best to you.

6. Open Missionary Sex Position
aka Victory

The Open Missionary position features the improved penetration angle of Folded Missionary but offers more intimacy from not having her legs between you, which isn’t too shabby considering the great freedom of movement offered to the man. To get into the position, the woman lies on her back with her legs up and out to the sides, while the man mounts face-down on top of her.

7. Oystered Missionary Sex Position
aka Viennese Oyster

In the Oystered Missionary position, the woman lies on her back with her legs raised all the way up so that her ankles are behind her head. This position clearly requires considerable flexibility on the part of the woman, and she should only be trying it out if she can already comfortably hold this position already.

8. Split Missionary Sex Position

In an extreme form of Open Missionary, the Split variation stretches a woman’s legs out as far as they can go, which translates into some of the deepest penetration the family can offer. However, requiring high flexibility, it can be somewhat uncomfortable for women to maintain for a longer duration. Given the clitoral stimulation possible at full penetration, we recommend taking advantage by experimenting by mixing in some grinding when you go deep.

9. Tilted Missionary Sex Position
aka Tornado

In the Titled variation of Missionary, the man’s body is tilted so that both of his arms are one side of the woman’s body. Although a relatively subtle variation, it does have an impact to the angle of penetration, which translates to a noticeable difference in sensation. We recommend that women experiment with different leg positions, and for men to explore the angle as far as they can take it to explore the full range of the position.

10. Tucked Missionary Sex Position
aka Deck Chair


A close cousin of Folded Missionary, the Tucked variation differs in that the woman’s legs are bent at the knees, and are positioned on the outside of the man’s body. This has the benefits of alleviating the strain from men leaning too heavily, and it’s a lot easier to get intimate without legs in the way. We recommend that women experiment with both the angle of their pelvis and the with how open they have their legs to find what feels best.

11. Tucked Missionary 180 Sex Position

Missionary Sex Position

In the Tucked 180 variation of Missionary, the woman tucks her legs and tilts her pelvis upwards while the man spins around on top. Although many would consider it to be pretty low on the intimacy scale, it’s great for targeting her posterior fornix and offers women a unique view of the penetration and the man’s underside. It’s also one of the few positions that allow for prostate play during intercourse – a great perk for those who enjoy a little anal play.

12. Twisted Missionary Sex Position

The Twisted variation of Missionary is a great way to spice up this old classic. The woman tilts her pelvis upwards and tucks her legs, while the man enters from above. Although both of his legs can be in a push-up position, we found it much more comfortable with the rear leg to be planted on the knee, as having both straight resulted in a little difficulty balancing. Make sure to try both directions to see if either works better with the curve of the penis in your relationship.

13. Upright Missionary Sex Position
aka Cowboy

Missionary Sex Position

The Upright variation of Missionary can be a little tricky for those starting out with it, however, the tightness, clitoral stimulation, and shallow penetration can be quite rewarding. If you find the angle of penetration to be too awkward, we recommend placing pillows under the woman’s rear to help tilt her pelvis for better access or just enjoying this one as an outercourse position.

14. Wrapped Missionary Sex Position
aka Drill

Missionary Sex Position

To get into the Wrapped Missionary position, the woman lies on her back and wraps her legs around her partner who mounts from above. Raising her legs tilts her pelvis, making for a significantly improved penetration angle over the standard Missionary position, and the woman can use her legs to help guide the man’s rhythm to her liking.


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