• In Kama Sutra the human body is seen as a vehicle for expressing spirituality. Ancient Hindus use to celebrate sex as a sacrament, and the erotic statues and wall carvings seen in Hindu temples throughout India. The Hindu custom considers the body as worthy of being treated with respect.
  • As described in Kama Sutra, the person needs to get up in the morning and perform necessary duties. Should wash his teeth, apply a limited quantity of ointments and perfumes to the body and wear some ornaments and collyrium (a medicated eye lotion) on eyelids and below the eyes. Colour the lips with alacktaka (a dye) and look at himself in the mirror and perform usual business.

  • He must bathe daily, anoint his body with oil regularly. Apply a lathering substance to his body every three days, get his head (including face) shaved every four days without fail.
  • Cultural choices change, but two thousand years later personal hygiene or cleanliness remains a priority for all lovers. The use of fragrances enhances lovemaking. Make sure that you use it on your body not just for you but to your partner too. Use aromas that will improve your essence to make better and long-lasting sex.


  • Body odour enhances sexual passion, but if you have bad breath, it can kill the desire for sex. Kama Sutra recommends remedies to improve breathing. Vatsyayana in his book suggested betel leaves to improve breath. But in a modern world, there are lots of breath fresheners available in the market.
  • Those who suffer from bad breath are often unaware of the cause. Sometimes, the partner doesn’t mention about it. Ask your partner to be honest with you.  If your condition is serious, seek medical advice for further treatment.


  • The most potent sexual organ is the brain because, without the free play of the imagination, sex can become a soulless activity. Male or female, you should have sensitive and imaginative appreciation in common of the body parts. Perhaps, this is also a pleasure. Those who are sexually active would deny that the genitals are one of the primary erogenous zones, along with the brain and the skin.
  • Of the kiss, the Kama Sutra says that the place where it should carry out includes the lip and mouth. Other parts of the body that gives pleasure are nipples, the buttocks, and the feet. The list is as long as you and your partner want it to be. Some people are turned on by having their cheeks, the throat, and the breasts. For others, it is anywhere on the skin.


  • The feet have reflex connections with the rest of the body, and when stimulated they generate pleasurable sensations and transmit them all over the body. The only link between sex and the feet is foot fetishism.


  • The skin is the largest organ of the human body, richly endowed with sensitive nerve endings that respond to the lightest touch and the smallest changes in temperature or pressure. For example, on average there are about 1,500 sensory receptors, including touch-sensitive nerve endings. The skin’s sensitivity to stimuli varies from one part of the body to other areas that are especially sensitive to touch.


  • A woman’s breasts play a significant role in sexual attraction. It serves to attract the male. The breasts are undeniably one of the most significant pleasure zones. The nipples and surrounding areas are highly sensitive to touch. Some women can reach orgasm by manual or oral stimulation of nipples. Having their nipples rubbed and kissed is more important to women because it gives them great pleasure. Men often devote less time to the breasts than their partners would like to.


  • Some men find a woman’s buttocks more arousing than her breasts. Although women are less turned, some do find the shape of men’s buttocks attractive and even sexually arousing. It can be mutually stimulating if the man squeezes, rubs, and lightly slaps them, as well as kissing and biting them gently. The woman sometimes finds it enjoyable to do the same for her partner.


  • Just as it is necessary to prepare the body for love, you should pay careful attention to the room where you and your partner make love. Vatsyayana suggests decorating the room with flowers and using fragrances for creating the right environment. It is a good idea to provide background music that enhances the mood.

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