Is homosexuality a kind of mental illness?

The first thing to make clear is that homosexuality is not a mental illness. However, understanding homosexuality has undergone a long process of social developments and changes.

Homosexuality is a sexual orientation that is different from heterosexuality and bisexuality. Heterosexuality is our common sexual orientation, but it does not exclude or deny the rationality of other sexual orientations. Homosexuality refers to the person who only feels love and sexual desire for the same sex. A person with this sexual orientation is also called gay or lesbians.

Most scientists, psychologists, and medical experts believe that sexual orientation is innately determined and can’t change it. Some homosexual person will realise their sexual orientation in the early years of their life. However, some homosexuals will not realise their sexual orientation until they are in their 50s.

It’s normal because homosexuals will realise their sexual orientation either very early or later stages of their life. They have to deal a lot with personal experience and social and cultural environment. Homosexuality refers to the individual’s self-identity in sexual orientation. He is attracted to the same sex and chooses the same-sex person as a sexual partner.

According to the Kinsey Reports, we cannot divide people’s sexual orientation fully into the same-sex and opposite sex. There is a continuity between absolute homosexuality and absolute heterosexual love. The reason for homosexuality not yet elucidated. Expert relate it to the genetic factors, sex hormone levels and psychological factors.

Sex hormone

The famous sexologist Ellis believes that ”gonad”-a sex gland has a decisive role in the development of sexual variation. Many scholars state that the imbalance of sex hormone secretion can potentially cause homosexuality. Also, the changes in sex hormone levels can result in homosexual behaviour.

Genetic factors

In 1993, Hamer analysed a DNA sample of 76 gay brothers and their parents and family members. He noticed that the genes concern to sexual orientation was linked to chromosome Xq28.

This study suggested that male homosexuality may be genetic variation. The study also found that 76 gay brothers had homosexual uncles and cousins from the paternal and maternal side.  However, other biologists ignored  Hamer’s study.

Why is homosexuality not a mental illness?

Homosexuality is a natural phenomenon, not an outcome of psychological or mental problems. From a sociological point of view, you cannot cure homosexuality because it is not a disease. In the past, everyone thought that homosexuality was a disease, especially Christians thought it was a big crime against God. So, various treatment methods came into existence. This treatment method was not scientifically recognised.

It’s weird to think about it now. You know that you are straight and will not become homosexual. Homosexuals also understand that they are gay or lesbian and will not become heterosexual.


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