improve relationships with your partner

13 rules: How to Improve Relationships With your partner

Here is a list of 13 rules that you must follow to improve relationships with your partner

1. Don’t confuse love and sex. Often at the beginning of a relationship, the concept of sex and love are mistaken. Love is an emotional feeling and sex is a physical act which includes sexual pleasure.

2. You need to know what you want from the relationship, and openly talk about it with your partner. Many of us are afraid to talk about our desires and often try to hide them. As a result, there are disappointments, because you don’t get what you want. Relationships are not a game of conjecture. Proximity is not possible without honesty.

3. Do not forget about sex. It is one of the essential elements to improve relationships with your partner. Conversations under one blanket after having good sex creates a sense of intimacy.

4. Listen and learn to respect your partner along with all his differences from yourself. There are no identical people. And life is fascinating because we are all different.

5. You must be one team. Having different skills, data and capabilities, you must strive for one goal. Do not blame your partner. An ideal couple doesn’t blame each other. Try to reconcile and correct the conflicts with your partner.

6. Solve all problems as soon as they appear. If you delay it in a long box, they will turn into an avalanche that can harm your healthy relationship.

7. Work to ensure that you have a sense of intimacy. Intimacy never appears itself. When it is not there, the couple becomes uninteresting to each other.

8. Never go to bed if you have negative feelings. Try to get rid of them before sleeping.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for forgiveness. Each of us makes mistakes, and the quicker you manage to fix them, the better.

10. You must depend on each other, but this dependency should not be in everything. Complete dependence on one person makes both unhappy.

11. Brighten your relationship with new interests. Try to do something interesting that none of you has ever done before.

12. Support each other and share responsibilities. The more honest your cooperation is, the closer your relationship will be.

13. Take your health seriously. Good health is the key to the success of any relationship.


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