How to kiss a guy for the first time

How to kiss a guy for the first time

Now that you’ve found the perfect guy for a kiss, it’s very critical to know how and what to do. It is very crucial to be able to kiss correctly, but it’s easy if you have good habits. Follow these simple steps, and soon you will be a pro!

Before the kiss

It’s very critical to take a fresh breath when kissing. Make sure you have it. Use a mouth freshener or mint and always brush your teeth. Avoid eating spicy or garlic foods.

  • Make sure you groom well. You can not plan exactly where and when you will kiss the guy, but you can prepare yourself. If you dressed beautifully and that is comfortable for you, you will be satisfied with yourself. And this means that you will be more confident in yourself. The more you are confident in yourself, the more likely that the guy will want to kiss you again.
  • Do not necessarily use lip gloss or bright lipstick on your lips. It will make his lips dirt and will look awkward. Better use lip balm.
  • Comb your hair in such a way that it will not create a distraction for you while kissing. Guys always like natural beauty, hence don’t apply too much make-up. Doing this, he will be more focused on you and kiss, and not on your makeup. 

Find a beautiful place for a kiss. Never use public areas. Try to find a special place for your first kiss.

  • Hold his hand or put his hands on his shoulders. Move closer to him, so that he comes close to you.
  • Touch his hair or face to make it clear that you are interested in him. Gently touch his nose with your index finger and smile at him.

Make sure that both of you are ready for the kiss. Both physically and emotionally.

  • Look into his eyes, when he looks at you and simultaneously look at his lips. If he does the same, then he is ready for the kiss. If he looks away, it is better to do nothing.

During the kiss

Slowly, move your lips to his lips and close your eyes at the last moment. It will give you a memorable experience.

  • Keep your eyes closed during the kiss. When done with kissing, open your eyes and slowly move away.
  • There can be a possibility that his face will be straight, hence When you reach for the kiss, slightly move your head to the left or right – as you like. Therefore, you and your partner’s nose will not distract you during the kiss.

Kiss the lower lip. Do not wrinkle your lips, as if you just ate a whole lemon, or as if you are kissing your grandmother. Keep your lips free and try to relax.

  • Give him one long kiss. You don’t need to do anything special for the first time to attract his attention.
  • To make it interesting, kiss him for some duration but not so long time. It will make him bored. Try to kiss him for about 20 seconds, if you can.

During the kiss, put your hands on his back and press him. So you get double pleasure! If he puts his hands on your back or waist, it means he protects you, and you probably hooked it!

  • If he plays with your hair or gently strokes your cheek, it means that he is very touched by his feelings, and likes you.
  • Try to keep your eyes closed all the time. Do not spy! All your attention should be on his lips and a kiss.

After the kiss

When you finish the kiss, open your eyes. Now, this is the time to look at the guy with whom you just kissed. If you did everything excellently, his cheeks will be red, his eyes will shine, and he will smile at you.

  • Smile back at him. He might worry about the way he kissed, so you probably need to convince him that he did it well. You can do this by smiling at him.
  • If you still hug him, leave your hands where they are for a few seconds before you remove them. It may look weird if you take your hands off as soon as a kiss is over.

If you want, tell him something pleasant. It’s a good practice to say something after a kiss, for example:

  • “You’re a good kisser.”
  • “I wanted to do it longer.”

Remember the etiquette of the kiss. There are some unspoken rules that you should know about kissing. Pay attention to them and try to follow them.

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