Guard Sex Position

Guard Sex Position

Guard Sex Position

The Guard brings the Butterfly family to an even playing field. Offering deep penetration, great views and access for manual stimulation to name just a few benefits, it’s a classic for a reason. As a kneeling family, we recommend using pillows under the man’s knees, and most variations will likely benefit from pillows under the woman’s rear/waist to improve comfort, and to find the penetration angles that are best for you.

Guard Sex Position Variations

1. Guard Sex Positions

Guard Sex Position

At the head of the Guard family, the standard variation is likely the most comfortable form. Keeping the pelvis lifted is relatively easy, as women can rest their thighs on their man’s legs, and unlike most of the variations in the family, the man doesn’t have to do much lifting. However, we recommend experimenting with pillows under the woman’s lower back, so that you can explore the full range to find the heights and angles that are most comfortable and pleasurable for you.

2. Arched Guard Sex Position
aka Arch, Waterfall, Dolphin

Arched Guard Sex Position

The Arched variation of the Guard has the woman arching her pelvis as high as she with the man kneeling tall. Offering much better mobility than the lower altitude variations, it’s a great position for when you to increase the tempo, or just want to remove some of the strain from leaning forwards. We recommend experimenting with some cushions under the woman’s back to try to attain an upward penetration angle for maximum pleasure.

3. Bridged Guard Sex Position
aka Bridge

Bridged Guard Sex Position

The Bridged variation takes the Guard to its pinnacle, having the woman in a full bridge position and the man kneeling tall. It offers great mobility for the man, though it may become difficult for the woman to hold the pose if the penetration becomes too intense. Additionally, with both partners likely having their arms occupied, neither will be able to lend a hand for some additional stimulation… however, some couples may be able to make it work with an only person taking care of the work.

One quick note for those following the illustrations closely: it will likely be more comfortable, and perhaps more feasible, if the woman’s fingertips pointed towards the man.

4. Folded Guard Sex Position
aka Deep Stick, Nirvana

The Folded variation of the Guard has the woman’s legs up in the air, hanging over the man’s shoulders. Offering great mobility, a larger area of skin contact as well as some primal excitement of the woman being lifted off the ground, we can only imagine that few amongst wouldn’t enjoy it. We recommend experimenting with leaning forward, backward, as well as lifting her pelvis higher to experience the full range available.

5. Mixed Guard Sex Position

The Mixed variation of the Guard is a placeholder to remind you to mix it up and break symmetry by combining different members of the family. You may find a better way to take advantage of your body’s shape, and at the very least, you’ll keep things interesting while you explore. If you have any experiences you’d like to share, please comment below!

6. Pressed Guard Sex Position
aka Launch Pad

In the Pressed variation of the Guard, the woman presses her feet against the man’s chest. Offering a very comfortable way to keep her pelvis titled for g-spot targeting, the only downside could be the man getting launched, or kicked in the face, if a women were to lose control and push off unexpectedly. We recommend exploring different penetration altitudes and foot placements to experience all the pleasure to be had!

7. Tilted Guard Sex Position
aka Mirror of Pleasure

In the Tilted variation of the Guard, the woman places both of her legs over the same side of the man’s body. Potentially a little more difficult to balance with the uneven weight distribution, it offers men a lot more freedom to get creative with their stroke. From raising her pelvis and tilting it, to bending forward and tilting his body, we highly recommend exploring all the angles this position has to offer to find what works best for you.

8. Twisted Guard Sex Position

In the Twisted variation of the Guard, the woman’s pelvis is turned to an almost upright position, with both of her legs on one side of the man’s body. A little more difficult to balance with the uneven weight distribution, it may take some experimentation with different leg placement to make it work for you. We also recommend trying some pillows between the woman’s rear and the man’s thigh to help make the twisted pelvis a little easier to hold.

9. Wrapped Guard Sex Position

In the Wrapped variation of the Guard, the woman wraps her legs around her partner’s waist, which not only increases the skin contact and intimacy, it also allows her to help set the pace and depth. On top of that, it can help keep the woman in the place, which can free up the man’s hands for a variety of pleasurable options. We recommend for men to explore different heights of kneeling, as this variation offers a wide range of angles to experiment with!


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