Female sexual arousal disorder 

Female sexual arousal disorder 

Sexual arousal disorder or lack of sexual fantasies refers to less or no response to sexual stimulation, or sexual pleasure and sexual well-being.

Sexual arousal is a series of reactions in the stage of preparatory activities due to psychological and physical stimuli such as touching, kissing, sexual fantasies and loved objects.

The primary physiological changes in male sexual arousal are penile erection and elevated testicular position.

Women have more extensive and complex physiological changes, including vaginal lubrication, external genital swelling, pelvic congestion, breast growth, nipple erection, etc. Sexual arousal disorders are a common cause in women. According to relevant domestic data, 25% of women have sexual arousal disorders.

Factors affecting sexual arousal

Primary factors: the physiological response of sexual arousal depends on the functioning of the nervous system. Vascular diseases of the Nervous system will lead to the difficulty in sexual arousal, for example, changes in sex hormone levels.

Psychological factors: Emotional influences such as nervousness, anxiety, depression, distrust, fear, shame, guilt, disgust, sorrow, hostility, etc., can reduce the blood flow of the genitals, leading to less or no sexual responses.

Sexual arousal disorder classification

Primary sexual arousal disorder: the patient has never experienced the sexual pleasure with any partner in any temperament environment. There is a lack of vaginal lubrication during the preparatory phase.

Secondary sexual arousal disorder: once had a certain degree of reaction to sexual stimulation, and get sexual pleasure from it, and later lost sexual desire. There was vaginal lubrication during the preparatory phase and later became dry.

Diagnostic points

Vaginal lubrication is critical for woman sexual arousal. In female sexual life, during sex, the vaginal lubrication sometimes not obtained or maintained continuously, repeatedly, partially.

Women, especially during sexual intercourse, repeatedly lack subjective feelings like sexual excitement and sexual pleasure. Anyone who meets above two criteria can be diagnosed.

Sexual arousal disorder: Treatment method

Western medicine treatment

Psychotherapy: It encourages the couple who receive treatment to communicate their sexual feelings and desires openly and frankly, and eliminate the psychological factors that affect the sexual arousal.

Behavioural therapy: It encourages a couple to carry out a series of sensory and sensual exercises to promote a woman to fully relax during sexual activity to achieve the desired therapeutic goals.
Specific methods are concentration training, genital stimulation training.

Drug treatment: Often use specific sex hormone drugs or use artificial lubricants as a substitute for treatment of female sexual arousal disorder. This method specifically meant for menopausal and postmenopausal women with estrogen deficiency.

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