Top 5 factors affecting lesbian people

A large portion of our society still didn’t recognise homosexuality. Some believe that it against the culture and violates the laws of nature. Due to this scenario, there is less awareness of homosexuality in our society. The following expert’s list shows Top factors affecting lesbian people.

Top 5 factors affecting lesbian people


Life expectancy of lesbians is eight to ten years shorter than a straight person. Expert believe that homosexuality is a kind of perverted behaviour because its psychological consciousness is opposite to the characteristics of the body. Hence, it causes damage to the nervous system.

Substance abuse

The possibility of lesbian drug abuse is enormous. Research has shown that lesbians are at high risk for substance abuse and substance use disorders (SUDs).

STD risk

The chances of getting AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are several times higher than those of straight person. Lesbian sexual intercourse occurs through the anus, hands, etc. Moreover, there are large numbers of harmful bacteria inside the anus and in the fingernails. These bacteria can quickly spread into human blood. Additionally, it can also spread to other parts of the body through a hand.


Experts believe that if a lesbian adopts a child, they may fail to perform the dual duties of the parent. Due to the lack of a father (male) love, child’s physical and mental growth and health will affect at large.

Mental health

Expert believe that emotional levels of lesbians are unstable. They are at higher risk of anxiety and depression. Probably because of the abuse and violence by loved ones and constant changes in a partner. Sometimes, due to the psychological disturbances, lesbians are prone to self-injury.


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