Cowgirl Sex Position

Cowgirl Sex Position

Cowgirl Sex Position

For women who like to be in control or men that enjoy a little rest, the Cowgirl family might be just what you’re looking for. Offering great penetration depth, mobility, and easy transitions to other positions, it’s no wonder why so many people consider it a favourite. On the flip side, these positions can be a little tough on the knees and thighs, so you might not have as much fun with some of them if you have any leg issues.

Make sure to experiment with some pillows under the man’s rear / lower back. They don’t just add comfort, they can help tilt the pelvis for maximum penetration depth! Speaking of which, just because he’s lying around doesn’t mean he can’t help… Thrusting or rotating the hips from below can add a lot to the equation.

Cowgirl Sex Position Variations

1. Cowgirl Sex Position
aka Woman on Top

In the very popular Cowgirl position, the man lies on his back while the woman kneels over him, facing towards his head. The majority of the motion comes from the woman lifting, rocking, and/or rotating her hips, though the man can help spice things up with a little flavour from below. Playing with her breasts is one of the great features of this position, though just watching them bounce isn’t so bad either, just don’t get hypnotized! If you’re on top, you can experiment with both leaning back as illustrated or by leaning forward on your partner’s chest to find what works best for you.

2. Aerial Cowgirl Sex Position

Taking to the skies with the Aerial variation can help take you to new heights if you have the triceps to maintain it. In this variation, the majority of the motion comes from the woman doing dips from above, though the man helps with a little thrusting from below. It can get a little slippery once things get hot and sweaty, so it’s best to either keep a towel on hand or perform this position before things get too wet.

3. Collapsed Cowgirl Sex Position

The collapsed cowgirl variation is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Whether you want to come in for a kiss, or just give your legs a little rest, it’s great for both. The motion for this position is usually a team effort since neither partner has a lot of mobility in this alignment. A word of caution for the men: be mindful of teeth when throwing in some harder thrusts. Timing one during a kiss could have some painful and expensive consequences! You might also enjoy placing a pillow under the man’s rear to help tilt his pelvis for deeper penetration.

4. Lazy Cowgirl Sex Position

With limited mobility for the woman, the majority of the thrusting in this position comes from the man – hence the name: Lazy Cowgirl. It tends to be a deep position with shorter thrust length, and likely a favourite of men who have a thing for feet. Pillow placement is probably best under the lower back to help provide the man with a little leverage for movement. Although there’s nothing wrong with stretching out the legs a little, the woman helps add some flavour by rotating her hips and working those Kegels!

5. Lunging Cowgirl Sex Position
aka Lunges

Lunging Cowgirl Sex Position

The Lunging variation of the Cowgirl family has the woman mounting the man in lunge position, alternating legs as needed. Although great for the couples who enjoy ‘exercising’, such low lunges could be extremely taxing on the legs, so you may find your endurance pushed to the limit… However, the penetration depth and angles will likely keep you coming back for more. We recommend for a woman to find the altitude that’s most comfortable, and then stacking cushions under the man to get him to the perfect height.

6. Lying Cowgirl Sex Position
aka Reverse / Inverted Missionary

Lying Cowgirl Sex Position

Taking Cowgirl horizontal, the Lying variation has the woman lying over the man, in a role-reversed Missionary position. It offers relatively limited mobility compared to the rest of the family, but it makes up for this shortcoming with a much higher degree of intimacy. We found the best pleasure to come from the woman positioning herself a little higher up the man’s body than illustrated and having the man take care of most of the thrusting from below.

7. Planted Cowgirl Sex Position

Planted Cowgirl Sex Position

In the Planted variation of Cowgirl, the woman plants her feet near the man’s shoulders. Utilizing very different leg muscles than the standard and squatting variations, it’s great to mix in when she starts getting tired but isn’t quite ready to give up the upper ground. Men should elevate their thighs and plant their feet so that women can more easily focus the motion generated from extending their legs.

8. Pressed Cowgirl Sex Position

Pressed Cowgirl Sex Position

In the Pressed variation of the Cowgirl family, the woman brings her legs together and plants on her feet on the man’s chest. Featuring obvious benefits for those with a foot fetish, the closed positioning of her legs makes for a unique sensation from penetration. However, we found it to have reduced mobility for the woman, who will likely need to use her arms much more to generate lift.

9. Scissored Cowgirl Sex Position

In the Scissored variation of Cowgirl, men lift one of their legs so that their partner can scissor them from above. Half Cowgirl, Half Amazon, it might be the ideal gateway for ladies considering becoming a woman warrior and offers some of the deepest penetration of both families. However, the position can be somewhat straining for men who are less flexible, though you can compensate a little with some pillows under the man’s rear.

10. Squatting Cowgirl Sex Position
aka Asian Cowgirl

The Squatting variation of Cowgirl is a close cousin to the standard position, only that the woman squats over her man instead of kneeling. Although likely not a big deal for the young and nimble, this can be a lot more difficult and tiring for those with knee issues. Men should do what they can to help with a little lift and thrust from below, and women should utilize their upper body as much as possible to reduce the strain on the legs. If the man’s thighs don’t provide enough leverage or are getting too slippery to push off of, you may want to consider using some furniture to take their place.

11. Standing Cowgirl Sex Position
aka Sybian

Assuming you have the furniture to make it work, the Standing variation of Cowgirl takes this classic to new heights. For those that don’t have ottomans, or better yet, a work out bench, you may be able to make a bed work with the man lying diagonally over one of the corners. Much easier on the knees, unless you’re dealing with very wide furniture, it’s great for extended sessions… and the woman’s standing posture only adds to her dominance!


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